Stop Stress and Inflammation

Do you want to stop stress and inflammation? The TRIYON answer might surprise you! As an athlete you want to train hard and stress your muscles and skeletal system to their limit. This stress is challenging but good. Your body naturally responds to the stress with acute inflammation to help you recover and grow stronger. This inflammation is good and will go away within a day or two. This stress and recovery process is called the hard easy principle. Your body needs both stress and inflammation to function optimally, and to PR!

The problem arises when you have too much stress and inflammation; too much of a good thing. Stressing your body beyond its limit is risky, especially on consecutive days. Overuse of the same muscle groups day after day can send you down the injury path. Good, acute inflammation then becomes chronic and bad. Injury results, and performance and health are compromised. This is a big reason I love triathlon training. Even if you're a runner or a cyclist training for a particular event, you can benefit greatly. Your body gets relief and recovery from one sport while you train the supporting muscles in another sport!