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TRiYON is a multisport lifestyle coaching service for people looking to improve their health, fitness, and performance. Below are three ways you can get involved with TRiYON today!



Coach Yon has designed a unique blend of strength, intensity, and endurance workouts that transform you into a stronger, fitter, and healthier athlete. Specific to your sport, TRiYON workouts target the muscle groups required to improve your performance. You will naturally gain core strength and burn excess body fat. You will be inspired by your improvement and encouraged by the positive energy of the TRiYON team. Your fitness journey will motivate and encourage others by the way you look, feel, and perform!



  • Training with TRiYON has renewed my love for running. Hard work is fun when you have a supportive group and an encouraging coach to help you reach your goals. I almost don’t mind when my alarm goes off in the morning!!
    — Cathy Grable
  • A former training partner explained the TRiYON difference to me; sequenced group workouts with world class athletes, camaraderie, motivation, and sincere support from Coach Yon. 9 months later I’m down 30lbs despite a crazy work and travel schedule.
    — Robert Egerland
  • After years of self-coaching, I was drawn to Jamey for his motivation, accountability, and empathy for my work/life/family/training balance. Though my favorite workout is on the track, I never pushed myself like I do with team TRiYON – I now believe in the "power of the group."
    — Kathy Rink
  • When I race, I like to wear something with the TRiYON logo. It reminds me that I'm part of and representing the team. It encourages me to be my best self out there, as an athlete and as a person. This is what the team means to me.
    — Phyllis Neriah, Ultrarunner
  • I was fortunate that Jamey agreed to coach me through Ironman Arizona 2013. With Jamey in charge of my training plan, I accomplished all of my race goals practically without having to think at all.
    — Eric Banks
  • Jamey’s skill and knowledge about coaching and motivating is only surpassed by his genuine concern for those he is training. He connects with everyone and teaches them to be their best.
    — Julie Nale
  • As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. That's exactly what has happened for me over the last 4 years. Jamey Yon and my TRiYON teammates have made me both mentally and physically stronger! It has made me a better athlete, husband, and father.
    — Mike Graham
  • Jamey's extensive triathlon knowledge helped guide me across the finish line of countless races, including my first full Ironman. You'd be hard pressed to find a run/triathlon coach with more experience, positive energy, or humility. So grateful I found TRiYon!
    — Kathryn Coiner-Collier