Help with Electrolyte Loss

Welcome the hot Summer months! Maintaining proper fluid balance is imperative for your success as the temperatures rise. Endurance athletes continue to run into problems due to forms of dehydration in this heat. Training in the hot conditions takes special hydration planning in order to avoid muscle strains, fatigue, and cramping.  

Sweat is not just water loss. It's electrolyte loss also! Electrolytes keep your body running smoothly and at peak performance. I like to compare electrolytes in the body to the motor oil in your car. It does not fuel the car but it's necessary to keep it from breaking down. Pay attention to the simple signs of electrolyte imbalance like early fatigue, cramping, and in some cases, swelling. Start to experiment with different amounts of electrolyte replacements and find out what works best for you. Running or cycling in July/August throughout Charlotte can make you lose 1000 plus mg of sodium/hour!

I’ve recently teamed up with Gatorade Endurance to maximize the replacement of my electrolyte levels, and the results have been awesome! Check them out here!