Neuromuscular Massage: Ready Your Body, Set Your Mind, Go for Gold

In your time with TRiYON you’ve probably become accustomed to a few things. The first is the high level of training that keeps our team members in tip-top shape. The second refers to the aches and pains that nag you due to this training.

Recently I posted about Zen Massage South Park, the company I’ve partnered with offering exclusive deals for TRiYON members. Now if that wasn’t enough to get you motivated about the best way to recover as a high-level athlete, then this should.

Due to the high level of triathlon training, most athletes are highly susceptible to factors that cause “trigger points” for our pain. These can be caused by the stress of a hard competition, the constant worry of training, the strenuous movements, or even poor posture towards the end of a workout.

From my experience, neuromuscular massage is by far the most effective and relaxing therapy to utilize in order to relieve this trigger point pain.

During a neuromuscular massage, the therapist will alleviate specific areas that are causing the most pain by correcting postural and muscular imbalances using advanced concepts in pressure therapy.

After a session your body will feel as light and loose as it ever has, thanks to the compressed nerves and muscles in your tightest areas being meticulously massaged. This will increase circulation and restore muscular balance throughout your body.

The benefits of a neuromuscular massage are boundless but some of the most immediate and beneficial impacts it has include alleviating specific areas of pain, creating better posture, and releasing tension throughout your body. These will not only impact you as an athlete by allowing you to move better, but your everyday life allowing you to live healthier and pain free.

Being an athlete of any kind is one of the best things you can do, but don’t let the pain you are experiencing hold back your passion.

Go try a neuromuscular massage and rejuvenate your entire body.

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Do yourself a favor and check them out, your body will thank you.