The TRiYON mission is to help each person reach his or her health and fitness goals. Whether you aspire to get more fit or complete your first 5k or marathon, there's a program made just for you!  Check out the many options TRiYON offers to help you get healthy.


TRiYON Run Group
from 49.00
  • Available to all Charlotte area residents
  • Monday's workouts are at Freedom Park (Princeton Avenue)
  • Wednesday and Thursday workout locations emailed weekly
  • Monthly subscription payable online
  • Get trained by coaches Jamey Yon and Kathryn Coiner-Collier
  • Perfect for all runners and athletes looking to get stronger, faster, and fitter!
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TRiYON Online
  • Get trained by Coach Yon anywhere in the country
  • Weekly TRiYON swim, bike, run, and strength workouts
  • Monthly subscription payable online
  • Includes a personal TRiYON Training Peaks account.
  • Designed for people who enjoy a healthy balance of 3 sport triathlon training. You will maintain a healthy fit lifestyle and stay motivated without training for a specific event.
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Custom Coaching
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  • Work 1 on 1 with Coach Yon
  • Individual, private, Training Peaks Account
  • Weekly workouts custom-tailored to your abilities and race goals
  • Includes admission to TRiYON local group workouts
  • Includes one weekly, 30-minute phone session or meeting with Coach
  • Nutritional advice and counsel
  • Recommended for all athletes, professionals, and moms who desire personal goal setting, customized training, and nutritional planning. Limited availability!