Purposeful Running!

Finding a purpose to get out for a run or workout is often challenging more times than not. How do you find the motivation to start your workout? You can certainly create a habit whether it be healthy or not healthy, but if there's no underlying purpose, the habit will quickly dissolve. The feeling of burnout will come with anything that is challenging. Finding a purpose to do it can help sustain your motivation and passion.

The last several years people often ask me how or why I keep training and racing. The answer for me may not be a simple one, because when I ask myself this question, several answers came to mind. 

Here are my top TEN reasons to get out the door every day and try to find the comfort in the uncomfortable!

  1. Experiencing the reward of accomplishing the uncomfortable.
  2. Staying young and looking good for high school reunions.
  3. Putting my name on race entry.
  4. Pleasing the person waiting for me at the workout.
  5. Not having to buy new clothes since middle school.
  6. Having my kids think I'm stronger than they are.
  7. Getting to eat two turkey burgers, not 1.
  8. To run away from my phone.
  9. To test out workouts and eliminate client "feedback."
  10. Because my coach told me to.