Building Food for Endurance!


The last few months I have been experimenting with a new endurance food product. With the onset of energy and recovery bars, it is very challenging to find a product that is best suited for fueling performance. Your goal in a bar should be one that provides sustained energy and a continuing recovery from training and daily activities. Common questions people ask are: 

• How many carbs should I take in? 

• How much protein does my body need? 

• How much fat should I eat?

All these questions need to be answered correctly if you want to grow stronger, recover faster, and become healthier. After 30 years of training and racing, the answer for me has been to maintain a diet that is, what I call, 50-25-25 nutrition. A diet that is lower in carbohydrates at 50%, rich in protein at 25%, and rich in healthy fats at 25%. Through this macro breakdown you can teach your body to be an endurance, fat burning machine and experience lean muscle gains while losing unwanted body fat. 

My mission is to provide you a healthy “on the go” snack that will steadily fuel your workouts and help you recover throughout the day. It’s an hourly boost before, during, and after workouts and is the perfect energy boost between meals. 

The Benefits: 

• Helps you maintain high levels of mental clarity and focus. 

• Provides preventive ingredients which fight inflammation and disease. 

• Improves endurance and teaches your body to use fat for fuel. 

• Speeds recovery by optimizing ongoing muscle restoration. 

Look forward to your feedback!