Why should I incorporate speedwork into my weekly runs?

If you are like most people who run for exercise, then you likely run the same, comfortable pace for every run. But if you'd like to see some improvements, you will have to experience a little discomfort. To increase your speed and strength you have to add extra "stress" on your muscular and cardiovascular systems. Introducing speedwork once a week is a great way to become a stronger, fitter, and faster runner. It is going to take you out of your physical and mental comfort zones. The good news is, however, that you'll begin to run faster, look stronger, and feel better.

You're going to start burning more body fat and gaining lean muscle tissue while you rest and recover. It's like a shot of caffeine for your metabolism! With proper nutrition, your muscular system will recover and grow stronger from the extra stress you put on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Your running pace will soon become faster at the same effort level as before you added speedwork. Your cardiovascular system will also recover and grow stronger from the greater demand put on your lungs. Your heart muscle will become larger and more efficient at pumping oxygen and vital nutrients through your blood. All good news for optimal health, wellness and for fighting disease! 

So if you currently run all your weekly miles in an aerobic "comfortable" state, you can benefit greatly from adding 10-15% of your weekly total mileage in speedwork. Introducing anaerobic "uncomfortable" running is best accomplished with a running partner or group. Somehow challenging runs or even challenging life situations are made easier with the support of others. Join TRiYON for a workout anytime and experience some hard work followed by the joy of accomplishment. See you soon!