TRIYON Fartlek on the Treadmill

Run an easy 12-15 minutes on incline 2. At the end of the warm up add 3-4 15 second pickups to increase your heart rate and to get more blood flow to the working muscles. Run easy :45 between each pickup. Stop for some light stretching and get ready for the workout!

Main Set: Run all pace efforts at a 5k race pace effort. Complete the 1st set on incline 3. Follow up with a second set on incline 2 at the same effort. Complete a final set done on incline 1. Your pace should increase each set as your incline decreases.

  • Run 2:00 at pace, 1:00 easy run recovery
  • Run 1:40 at pace, 1:00 recovery
  • Run 1:20 at pace, 1:00 recovery
  • Run 1:00 at pace, 1:00 recovery
  • Run :40 at pace, 1:00 recovery
  • Run :20 at pace, 1:00 recovery

Take an additional 1:00-2:00 recovery before beginning next set. Always maintain good posture and do not exceed 5k effort. Maintain a foot plant underneath your body and practice good hip extension and finish kick!

1/2 - 1 mile easy cool down!