Fighting Injury with TRIYON!

For most triathletes and runners, injury is inevitable. Battling back from injury is both physically and mentally challenging . Always remember that the road to recovery is shortened by eliminating the specific movements that cause your pain or discomfort. Training through the pain of an injury is very risky and can lengthen your recovery period. Patience is a virtue but we can be proactive! Pain free movement is good and will increase blood flow to the healing injury. Find a cross training activity that causes no pain and then complete the TRIYON workout listed below.  You will get back into action quickly and have added strength when you're healed. Allow a day of rest between attempts. Eliminate any exercise that causes pain initially. Once you can complete the entire set without pain you are on your way!  TRIYON athletes always learn from their mistakes and come back stronger!

TY Workout

Carry 20% of your body weight in 2 dumbbells

  • 24 Walking Lunges
  • 24 Bench Step ups
  • 24 Deep Squat Thrusters
  • 24 Single leg bench lunges (12 each leg)
  • 1:00 Wall Sit with weights in lap
  • 24 Good Mornings
  • 24 Single Leg Dead Lifts (12 each leg)
  • Drop weights
  • 12-24 Pushups (pause 3 secs at top of pushup)
  • 12-24 Tricep bench dips (pause 3 secs at top)
  • 24 Single leg pelvic bridges (12 each leg)