As an endurance athlete for over 30 years, I have used many different brands of energy gels for training and racing. One product I have always liked was B-LINE Natural Energy Gels. They have incredible, all-natural ingredients, in resealable packages that make it easy to use on-the-go. The only thing I found myself missing was a bit more sodium, to make the electrolyte balance perfect for fuel. This led me to contacting B-LINE in hopes of teaming up... and they agreed! We began brainstorming new recipes to develop the ultimate energy gels for endurance athletes!

We created 2 new product lines, "racing fuel" and "refuel," providing the exact nutrition you need during your workout and your recovery. Racing fuel contains the perfect electrolyte balance, which is essential to performance and endurance, while the refuel contains protein, a vital component of rebuilding and replenishing the body after a tough workout.

We now have 3 delicious racing fuel flavors: banana + strawberry, beet + mango and dark chocolate + espresso, and (my favorite) refuel flavor: apple + cinnamon! I recommend you use the racing fuels before and during workouts and races, and use the refuel within 30 minutes after. I guarantee you will notice a difference with your sustained energy and your faster recovery times. I hope you enjoy our new products and experience the difference they make in your performance!